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Growing Pains

Sean Languedoc

Welcome to "Growing Pains," the podcast that cuts through the tech hype and gets real about what it takes to grow your startup from Seed round to Series B. Get ready for candid conversations, practical solutions, and a whole lot of "tell it like it is. The Outforce Team will be bringing you candid conversations with tech Founders, Venture Capitalists, and Engineering leaders who've been there, done that.

In this crucial phase of growth, building the plane while flying won't “fly” anymore. Whether you are growing your team through hiring FTEs, or contracting local and/or remote, we'll dive deep into the nitty-gritty of scaling engineering capacity through and demystify the world of outsourcing. No buzzwords, just straight talk.The relationships between company Leadership, Product, Sales, Marketing and Engineering as the company grows and silos/walls start forming

We'll chat with experts who've crossed the scaling chasm, addressing the hard truths about working with engineering agencies in different regions. You'll hear firsthand what they look for when choosing partners – no fluff, no filler.

 "Growing Pains" tackles the real-world problems Engineering leaders face. From racing against the clock to fill roles to the hurdles of product delivery, we cover it all. Need a POC without disrupting your current team? We've got you. Wrestling with technical debt? We'll show you how to turn that ship around. And we'll help you find the right skills and caliber without sacrificing speed and quality.

So, if you're ready for some honest, no-nonsense insights and maybe a chuckle or two, join us! Together, we'll navigate the unpredictable journey of tech growth, tackle challenges head-on, and turn those growing pains into a mission accomplished.

 This is "Growing Pains" by Outforce, subscribe today and let's get started.